Board & Staff

Helga Rainer, Chair & Founding Board Member
Helga is currently completing her doctorate in the relationship between access to national parks and conflict in eastern DRC. Helga worked as the country programme officer of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme/African Wildlife Foundation for six years before returning to the UK for doctoral studies. She is the youngest child of Juliet and Joseph.

Juliet Rainer, Treasurer & Founding Board Member
Juliet is the wife of the late Joseph Rainer and mother of three children. Juliet originally trained as a nurse and has worked for many years to support the development of eastern Uganda through grassroots development projects. Juliet was a Member of Parliament for Budaka for two terms.

Marie Monaghan, Secretary & Founding Board Member
Marie has a background in institutional development at schools and social networking. She currently chairs the Parent Teacher Association at Kampala International School of Uganda. Originally from the UK, Marie is a long-term resident of Uganda.

Joseph Kawugule, Founding Board Member
Joe is the first born child of the Rainers. He is a specialist in logistics. He currently lives in the US with his wife and three children.

Sarabeth Kawugule, Founding Board Member
Beth is an elementary teacher in the Richmond Public School System. Beth is Joe Rainer’s wife and mother of three children. They live in Virginia.

Eric Rainer, Founding Board Member
Eric specializes in telecom engineering and currently lives in the UK with his wife and two children. He is second born child of Joe and Juliet.

Edmund Kafanka Wakida, Founding Board Member
Originally from the same village as Juliet. Edmund’s education was supported by the Rainers and he is now a prominent lawyer in Kampala.

Leslie Neilsen, Founding Board Member
Leslie has been the Ugandan Country Director of the International AIDS Vaccine Institute for the last 7 years. She is a nurse by training and a long-term resident of Uganda.

Benita Bageire, Founding Board Member
Benita has a background in marketing and communications. She currently works as a consultant in Uganda.

Kim Burns Case, Founding Board Member & Acting Country Director
With a background in education and international development, Kim has worked for both international schools and development agencies such as USAID. Originally from the US, she is a long-term resident of Uganda.

Sarah Margiotta
Sarah is a management consultant, with more than 18 years experience working in international development. In Uganda she has worked as a Development Specialist for Irish Aid and was the Chair of the Education Donor Group in Uganda in 2008.

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