Joseph Rainer


Joseph Rainer

Joseph Rainer’s philosophy focused on the important role that quality education plays in the development of individuals and communities.

Joseph Rainer was known to say frequently that “education is the key.”

He originally came to Uganda from Italy as a missionary in 1954. He set up the Christian Children’s Fund in East Africa in 1973 and served as the Africa Regional Director until retiring in 1988.

Throughout his professional and personal life Joseph Rainer supported educational projects including the founding of multiple primary and secondary schools and paying for the education of needy but bright young people.

He was also an avid Rotatarian.  In his retirement, he ran a farm and sausage factory in his home in Seguku, in addition to continuing to support education and development projects in Uganda.

Joseph Rainer died in an unfortunate accident on March 30, 2007.
He was 78 years old.

In order to keep his spirit of giving alive, his wife, children and family friends formed the Joseph Rainer Education Foundation to support education in Uganda, where he lived for 43 years.

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