St Clare Classroom

Women in Uganda still occupy a low social status, which means that cultural and gender norms tend to favor the education of boys over girls especially in rural areas.

At the secondary school level, girls drop out of school more frequently than boys for a range of reasons including early marriage, pregnancy, lack of adequate sanitary facilities and sexual harassment.

This is why many girls who begin their studies at St. Clare’s Girls’ High School need financial support in order to complete their secondary education.

Joseph and Juliet Rainer established St. Clare’s Girls’ High School, Budaka in 1999 when education for the girl child was not given a priority within the Ugandan education system.

Today, the Foundation is working hard every day to provide the necessary financial, institutional and strategic support to St. Clare’s, and its students.

Through this process the Foundation will not only improve the quality of education for the girls of St. Clare’s but also further develop it’s expertise to replicate it’s successes wider.

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