Institutional Support

In eastern Uganda, there are limited educational opportunities for girls.

Joseph and Juliet established St. Clare’s Girls’ High School, Budaka in 1999 when education for the girl child was not given a priority within the Ugandan education system. 

The school started with 18 students and 2 teachers and has grown to 240 students in 2009, a growth of 750%. 

St. Clare’s has a well planned campus with ten good quality classroom classrooms, one science lab, five dormitories with sanitation facilities, one dining room with small kitchen, one hall with stage, one computer lab, one home economic department with basic equipment, five self-contained teachers’ units and one four bedroom guesthouse/volunteers’ accommodation.

Based on an assessment visits in 2007 and 2009, St. Clare’s requires support in a number of areas. 

The Foundation will support the school by reinstating the School Management Committee (SMC) and ensuring its effective functioning. 

The Foundation will also support the SMC’s development of a comprehensive School Improvement Plan, which will include the items identified during the assessment visits, including: strengthening administration and finance systems, planning the school’s infrastructure with a long-term vision, providing professional development opportunities for teachers, enhancing teaching and learning of science and technology, improving the supply of educational materials, and developing school marketing materials. 

The Foundation assists with the development of an implementation plan for the School Improvement plan and will continue to conduct annual assessment visits to establish progress toward the stated goals and identify new requirements.

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