Strategic Partnerships

In order to fulfill its vision, the Joseph Rainer Education Foundation is initiating partnerships with other NGOs and companies in Uganda, and overseas.

The Foundation is also seeking partnerships with other all girls’ secondary schools located overseas. These strategic partnerships will create exciting opportunities for the school and its students.

Recently, the Foundation announced a strategic partnership between the International School of Uganda (ISU) and St. Clare’s Girls’ High School.

St. Clare’s will benefit from a professional development program for teachers and also be a part of the ISU service learning program. The Foundation is committed to supporting this partnership and to ensure its success and sustainability.

The Foundation will also assist with the ISU scholarship program. ISU is initiating a scholarship program for two students to be granted a full scholarship to ISU. The school will then link the students with study abroad opportunities.

On completion of their education, the students are expected to bring their experience and expertise to Uganda through internships and other professional opportunities.

Since St. Clare’s students could be eligible for this scholarship, the Foundation will ensure that the screening and application process is fair and accurate, and will also be raising funds to help pay for accommodation and other expenses for the students.

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